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Home of Fun Things to Do When Your Bored Idea List
and Funny Pranks for April Fools Day

fun rocks activities to do when you are boredWelcome to Discover Fun. My life has been totally about fun and I have spent the last ten years building this website. is dedicated to incorporating more fun into your life. Every once in a whilein life we get bored. It's true... and this list is to help you fight that boredom. Sometimes we just need a little inspiration from a good idea list to get our fun juices going again. If you have the right attitude you can have fun doing just about anything. Life is not determined by how many things you own, but by the amount of good times you experience. Please enjoy our content free of charge and have a great life.

Fun Things to Do When Your Bored Idea List

There is well over 1000 Fun Things to Do to help you spark your fun juices. I have organized these Fun Things to do When Bored the best we can so that you can get plenty of fun inspirational ideas from just one list... but feel free to look at all of our boredom fighting suggestions on the Fun Things to do Idea Lists.

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Funny Pranks and Great April Fool Practical Jokes

This is a great list of Funny Pranks - most of them are easy to execute and are not too mean spirited. has been featured on the CNN Radio News Network and numeorus other media outlets. We are positive that there is at least one Funny Prank in here that will work for you and your situation.

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Thanks to everybody who thinks that fun is important in life. The world needs more people like you.

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